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Personalized Support

Financial Services

Prior to starting my own practice, I worked in public accounting for five years performing tax, audit and forensic services with a focus on small to mid-sized companies. I then spent the next decade working for large, multinational corporations in both internal audit and finance roles.

Bookkeeping Services

Accounts Receivable

I manage all aspects of the financial side of your customer interactions from invoicing and revenue recording to tracking and recording payments received, and following up on outstanding balances.

Accounts Payable

I closely monitor the status of your business’s bills to ensure payments are made on time and your vendor relationships remain in good standing.


Accuracy and timeliness are critical when it comes to payroll. I review all payroll information, record the necessary entries and work with your payroll provider to ensure that your employees are paid on time, every time.


Account reconciliations are critical to ensuring that any unusual or unexpected transactions are identified and investigated.


Reporting tells the story of your business performance. Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Statements of Cash Flows produce a detailed health check of your business.

Money Management

Bill Pay and Account Reconciliation

I work with you ensure that all of your bills are paid on time, whether you prefer to make payments with handwritten checks or pay electronically.

Filing Systems

Together, we will develop a filing system that keeps you organized and eliminates the stacks of documents that can quickly pile up.

Budget Development and Tracking

I analyze your current spending habits to better understand where opportunities exist to save money and create a budget that is manageable and realistic.

Tax Organization

I work with you to gather all required documentation that your accountant will need to complete your taxes.

Negotiating with Creditors

I gain a full understanding of your debt and develop a plan with you and your creditors to obtain the most favorable repayment plans so you can get back on track to financial stability.


Analysis and Opportunity Identification

I take the time to listen to my clients to gain a full understanding of their current situation and the challenges experienced. Then I dig in to complete a full diagnostic review of their accounting to determine where opportunities exist to eliminate wasteful and/or redundant activities and to implement value-add activities.

Process and Control Enhancement

As small businesses grow, attention tends to be focused on sales, client relationship management and staffing. I help reduce the time and effort required to train new staff and ensure that your business doesn’t miss a beat should there be any turnover.

Strategic Partnering

Whether managing a small business or your family’s finances, there are many services that must be considered – banking, insurance, healthcare, real estate transactions, remodeling, college savings, and retirement, to name a few. Life’s big decisions are accomplished by taking small steps and getting the right help at the right time.